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This is the clip of me on the radio talking with Knoxy (@clyde1knoxy) talking about the Siri feature on the new iPhone 4S and why it’s finding it hard to understand the Scottish/Glaswegian accent. So funny! 

Siri is real. 

Siri doesn’t understand Scottish folk.

coggels-deactivated20111229 asked: I've searched, to no avail; your 'Expression' theme wouldn't be available to download anywhere, would it? Cheers :-)

Hello. Unfortunately, I never ever got to developing the Expression theme.

Heaven needed an Angel on Sep 26th, 2011.

Hello everyone. I’m not the one to be very morbid about things, or would rather talk about death than life but I am sitting here at my computer after a hard couple of days and I thought I would tell the world about the relationship I had with my ‘wee granny’, who unfortunately passed away on Monday the 26th of September, 2011. 

Growing up, I learned a lot from my Gran. She was a very simple woman, with not a bad word to say about anyone. My Gran grew up in Saltcoats in Scotland where she lived with her husband Frank. She had six children, William, Tommy & Liz (Twins), David, Mary and my mum Margaret. The first thing that has been important to me growing up is how my Gran has always been family orientated. She provided for 6 bodies growing up, all of which are my uncles & aunts. They’re all doing relatively well for themselves and we are all as close as ever. 

Around January 2009 my Grans health started to dip. She wasn’t eating very well and always had problems with her angina. She was back and forth to the hospital until it was time to keep her in for a while to find out the real problem as to why she has lost her appetite and also help her through her angina attacks. What we thought was an occurring heart problem turned out to be much worse. In 2009, my Gran suffered a stroke on the left side of her brain. She was unconscious and in a coma. I’ll never forget that 4am phonecall when my mum burst out crying on the phone and everyone going crazy in my house. 

Having just turned 19 at the time, I still had a fear of hospitals as a kid. The smell of them made my blood crawl and just the word hospital would really make me feel nauseous. As my mum, dad and sister where getting ready to go to the hospital, I stayed in bed. I felt sick at the thought of not going, but I just couldn’t put myself through that. I felt so selfish, knowing my Gran was receiving her last rights, yet, there is me lying in bed doing nothing about it. I prayed and prayed all night to whoever is up there and I think they must have heard me. A couple of weeks later and my Gran was still in hospital, still alive. Doctors were confused, medical staff working in the ward at the time really didn’t know how my Gran came through it, but that was the fighter inside her that just told whoever was up there that she wasn’t ready to go just yet.

After around 6 months, my Gran — at a very frail 6-stone — ventured off of that hospital bed and into a very nice elderly care-home. Myself and the rest of the family were so happy that she’d recovered well and was out of the hospital. At first, we thought she wouldn’t have lived on very long but we thought wrong. My Gran would say some things at the beginning that we didn’t really understand, which got us worried incase dementia was kicking in. However, after another 6-months my Gran has put on about 2/2.5 stone and was gaining weight again. She was back to her normal self, something that no-one would have bet their mortgage on to happen. We were all so happy, especially my mum who has taken care of my Gran for years.

In early to mid 2010 the family discussed my Grans state, questioning whether or not she would be fit again to get out of the care-home and go back to her little 1-bedroom house in Bridgeton, Glasgow (where I grew up). She did it. My Gran made the decision to get out of the lovely, well taken care of old folks home and go back to home-sweet-home. Looking back now, I see where my mum and the rest of the woman in my family get their attributes from. My Gran was a fighter, she was a very quiet woman, very down to earth, but if she felt she could do something and it was worth achieving, then she’d go for it. (see picture above of my Gran leaving the home).

Late 2010 and my cousin was getting married, after everything that happened, my cousin never in a million years thought that my Gran would be alive to make the wedding. She did. I remember it vividly getting my Gran up on that dance-floor and dancing the night away with her. Fair enough it was only a 10-minute dance and she would be out of breath, but I enjoyed it as much as she did!

After a tough 2011 with other reasons floating around, my Gran was still here but not very well. She was in and out of the hospital, until around July time when she took a really bad spell and ended up having to get kept in. We were worried, but my Gran was still able to talk to us and distinguish who we all were. Around one month after being kept in the hospital, she was slowly deteriorating. She had lost weight and wasn’t looking very healthy. 

The call.

On September 26, 2011 at 5am we receive another phone call. This time I hear my sister run down to catch it and its my auntie Liz saying that we have to go up to the hospital to see my Gran, she’s heavily deteriorated overnight. My sister yelps out this horrible scream and bursts into tears, she tries to catch her breath and can do nothing but feel so sorry for her. Since I’m a bit older than my sister, I knew it was coming. I didn’t like seeing my Gran suffer anymore and I was just grateful that we got another 2-years out of her after her going through torment in 2009. At 5am, she was still alive, however on the trip to the hospital we got to the room and she had just passed away. Her little face peeping out from the covers with her eyes closed. She looked as if she was just in a really nice deep sleep. I’m just really happy that my Gran isn’t suffering anymore, the pain she was going through must have been excruciating. I know my Gran is up there looking down and I am just so proud I could call her my Grandmother. She was a beautiful woman, full of life, everyone loved her and she just seeing her cheeky wee face was awesome. I’m going to miss her, but I have so many memories of her that I will cherish until I die. 

What i’ve learned from this whole experience is drop any grudges you have with any family member of yours. No reason is worth arguing about. Theres so much to do in this big round planet that we live in. Go out and thrive on life, its too short for regrets.

Rest in Peace ‘Wee Granny’. Love you <3